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We provide a comprehensive energy management service of the highest quality. With the demands on business today, effective control of energy costs is crucial.

Our service will find the best supplier for all your energy needs, manage your energy contract and monitor your consumption.

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Dedicated Work

By assessing your consumption needs, analysing market costs and predicting future trends, Energy Search recommends an energy contract that is ideally suited to your requirements.

  • Effective management of your energy usage gives you the power to reduce waste and cut costs leading to increased profitability. We compile monthly consumption reports, with both half-hourly and non-half hourly options, to give you an accurate record of your energy usage and to provide opportunities for identifying reductions in your overall energy spend.

  • We are constantly watching the energy markets and our expertise and knowledge in this area allows us to forward plan, with accurate predictions of future pricing. Our market intelligence reports are designed to inform you of emerging trends in the energy sector, assisting with your business planning and budget projections.

  • In today’s volatile markets, business energy contract offers can be withdrawn when the market experiences as little as 1% movement. Swift and accurate collation and assessment of energy suppliers’ offers is essential to secure the best energy prices.

About Energy Search & How It Started


We are a UK-based commercial energy brokerage who aims to help businesses save money on their gas and electricity bills. We are able to provide this thanks to my fantastic learning and understanding of the industry from many years ago. For many years I managed sales teams at Commercial Power Ltd. Because of this, I now have the opportunity to run my own brokerage with the help of Commercial Power – who operate as my aggregator.

Why struggle and make the inevitable mistakes setting a businesses up when you can be guided every step of the way by someone who has been the UK’s most successful SME brokerage for quite some time?

I would strongly recommend any broker business wanting to take their business to the next level should talk to Commercial Power Ltd and apply for a similar model.

– Lee Qualter (Managing Director, Energy Search)

To view our complaints procedure, please click here. Energy Search Ltd also trades under the name Utility Save.



Due to the ever increasing complexities involved with siteworks projects in relation to dealing with suppliers of commercial gas and electricity, Distribution Network Operators and other third parties, Energy Search has its own dedicated siteworks team.

Our team of experts have the experience to overcome the frustration and stresses associated with business utility connections for your premises or upgrading an existing supply or meter. All projects are managed by our dedicated siteworks team who can provide a wide range of infrastructure installations across the UK. Our team will work with you to develop a tailored solution for your project. We provide a single point of contact for the project from start to finish; supplying one combined quote for all the work and co-ordinating the supply and installation of the component parts with service providers to ensure a smooth programme of works.

We will arrange all work via the distributor and arrange disconnections alongside organising all service and meter work including installations, relocations, removals, upgrades, isolations and pressure/capacity checks on existing installations.

We will co-ordinate all works including services, meters, dataloggers, meter enhancements whilst providing technical advice throughout the siteworks process.

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